Crawly creatures fascinate me. I am grateful for their work decomposing, pollinating, and transforming matter. We are destroying them blindly. Red thread in my work symbolizes pain and also hope for improvement. I honour the importance of insects.

Artists and insects have a lot in common. Both work the dark, often alone. They are busy doing their thing, despite what goes on around them. If the environment is favourable they flourish and multiply, colonizing, evolving, mutating and creating. If the environment is poor (polluted, underfunded, ridiculed, discriminated, ignored) they continue to work stubbornly, quietly, relentlessly. People’s reactions to insects can be similar to the reaction to artists. Distrust, fear, repulsion or disgust. But also curiosity, attraction and joy.

I have admiration and respect for the work of insects, and for the work of artists.

Bees 1, Mixed Media, 2015
Wasp, Mixed Media, 2015
Beatle, Mixed Media, 2015
Cicada, Mixed Media, 2015

my artistic path

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