As an art student I was convinced murals could change the world. I worked on many murals in different places and with different groups. Nowadays I believe murals may contribute to making the world a better place.

Roger Esquina, mural in Rogelio Padilla’s house, Montelíbano 1982
montreal_r1_c2_f2 copy
Mural created with Artifact on St. Lawrence St., Montreal. Acrylic paint on exterior wall, 15 x 17 m, 1987
muralstlaurence copy
Street festival during the initial stage of collective mural with Artifact, Montreal 1987
Public mural painted with Artifact, Pantasma Nicaragua, 1985
Coccyx, graphite on wall, 2.5 x 7.5 m, MFA graduation show, University of Northumbria, England, 1995
I look at the enemy and the enemy is I, graphite on plaster, 2.3 x 7 m, MFA graduation show, University of Northumbria, England 1995

my artistic path

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