Scribing, Pink Fish, 2022. One week training on scribing: a system to take visuals notes during an event to document the conversation.
Forest School Training, Ottawa, 2014 Practical and theoretical training as a Forest School Practitioner
AMI Montessori training, Minneapolis MN, 2004-2006 Three-year part-time diploma on elementary Montessori education
Multimedia Diploma, Universidad de los Andes, 1999-2000 One-year diploma that focused on digital design.
MFA University of Northumbria, England, 1994-1995 British Council scholarship, exploration of visual languages and personal background.
BFA Concordia University, Montreal, 1984-1987 Exploration of art techniques, foundation in Art History, Art Theory and Feminism.  

Filibro (Feria Iberoamericana del Libro en Canada), Ottawa 2022
Orinoco, 5 Latin American Artists, Claudia Salguero’s studio, 2022
HOME, Lowertown Community Association, ByWard Market, 2022
Passion to Action, an exhibition by RIA, Shenkman Arts Centre, April 2022
Mosaic, Shenkman Arts Centre, 2021
Soap meets Poop, performance and visual arts, NECTAR Arts Centre, Culture Days, 2020
Remember Breathing, Carriageway Studio, Almonte Ontario, 2017. Samples of lost wax bronzes, and mixed media using clay, encaustic and embroidery.
There’s Room, Performance and installation, Gallery 101, Ottawa, 2016
Channels of Friendship, Chinatown Remixed, Collaboration with Blink Collective, 2016
Heal, The General Fine Crafts Gallery, Almonte, Ontario, 2013
Text Me, The General Fine Crafts Gallery, Almonte, Ontario, 2013
Belonging, Shenkman Arts Centre, Ottawa, 2010

Bird-Safe, an award to paint 18 glass panels at the Engineering Department of Ottawa University, to protect the birds from collisions.
Seed Grant for Our Shared Spaces with Lori Victor,City of Ottawa, 2022
Ontario Arts Council Exhibition Grant ‘Where is Your Heart?’ at Blink Gallery, Ottawa, 2015
Arts Place, grant from Ottawa Arts East, Ottawa, Community Arts Project, 2014
Scholarship at Haystack Mountain School of Crafts, Maine USA, Clay with Cynthia Bringle, 1989
Founder of Artifact Collective, Montreal, 1984-1987 Murals painted in Nicaragua and Montreal with provincial grants

Educator at the Ottawa Art Gallery, 2019-2022 Educator for exhibitions, in person and virtual groups.
Educator at the Ottawa Art School, 2022 -2023
Art with Maria at the Bronson Centre, 2020-2021
RIA (Research in Art) Ottawa, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2020 Participated in many of Research in Art’s initiatives.
Member of Blink Collective, Ottawa, 2015-2017 Participated in shows, events, grant applications and various art projects.
Art in the School House, 2015-2016 Led a venue for artists in Kanata to get together with other artists.
Arts East volunteer work, 2015 Promoted arts and culture in the West areas of Kanata.
Operations director at Coalition of New Canadians for Arts and Culture 2012-2015  Promoted cultural events with New Canadian Artists
Experimental Printmaking Techniques, Mexico City and Oaxaca, 2015 Contacted and offered printmaking workshops to three art colleges.
Let’s Talk Mentorship, Ontario Arts Council, Toronto, 2014 Participated in projects that promoted arts mentorship.
Advancing Social Change, Power of the Arts National Forum, Carleton University, 2013 Participated with organizations from across Canada use art to propel social justice through arts
Founder and director of GAIA Studio, Bogota, Colombia, 1989-2000. Offered regular classes for diverse groups, meetings for clay work organizations, research lab for clay learning, and published a magazine on clay work.

Arts Ottawa East
Ottawa Arts Council
Arts Network Ottawa

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