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During the isolation period I have developed several Zoom Art Workshops.

Art with Maria are of  1 hour long Zoom lessons that are designed for you to use household items, so you don’t have to go out buying art supplies. They work for all ages and are planned so you can repeat the activity on your own.


Collage: Let’s use old magazines to create an imaginative image. Materials: magazines, card-stock, pencil, eraser, scissors, liquid glue.

Mosaic: With small pieces of paper we will compose a shape, the same way Romans did many years ago! Materials: Paper or card-stock, pencil, eraser, scissors, Elmer’s liquid glue.

Soap Carving: Did you know you could make sculpture out of a bar of soap? Let’s carve an animal and use it as decoration or as a gift. Materials: one soap, small kitchen knife, pencil and permanent marker.

Drawing and Colouring Birds: Using a simple technique of drawing, let’s create a colourful composition of free-flowing shapes. Materials: One sheet of card-stock, pencil, 10 colouring crayons.

Texture Scavenger Hunt: Did you know your house is full of artistic possibilities for texture creation? Let’s go on a texture scavenger hunt around the house! Materials: five sheets of card-stock, pencil, ten colour crayons, scissors, glue stick.

Easy Transfers: Learn how to transfer black and white images or words from a magazine onto paper. Materials: magazines, scotch tape or packing tape, scissors, water, paper.

Thumb Designs: Finger prints are unique to each one of us, and we can use them to create unique designs. Make five cards using your thumb and a marker. Materials: ink pad, five sheets of paper or card-stock, five colour markers.

Newspaper Planters: Let’s make newspaper pots to plant seeds for the garden!


Each workshop is $15 per participant per hour session, with a minimum of 4 participants and a maximum of 10 participants per session.

Pay with Paypal or e-transfer
Videos of some of the workshop techniques

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